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April 20, 2014

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State Labor Director's 02/19/11 Report
Updated On: Feb 20, 2011

02-19-11 Report To The Board of Trustees


The labor council work continues to assist member lodges in a variety of areas on a regular basis.   There are no labor contracts this year and as a result this year’s workload is not as hectic as last year at this time.  In addition to normal labor council work we are also involved in assisting Denver Lodge 27 in both the Denver Mayor and City Council races scheduled for this May in hopes of electing labor sympathetic candidates to office.  The Denver effort is part of our ongoing partnership with AFSCME on public employee labor relations across the state.  We are also spooling up for this fall’s election cycle to assist member lodges in local endorsements and elections.  The following is a brief review of highlights since the last Board of Trustees’ Meeting:


PUEBLO COUNTY – Assisted an employee facing a fitness for duty matter that had no basis in fact and reflects the ongoing problems we face in Pueblo County.  Assisted a civilian employee on a claim of hostile work environment in which the employee had been threatened and was in fear of her safety and well being.  The employee’s position was the matter was not being addressed properly by the department.  Both cases have been resolved to the employee’s satisfaction.  Working with Elkus & Sisson Law Firm in preparation for upcoming Tommie McLallen law suit against the Sheriff for his retaliatory dismissal.


SHERIDAN PD – Provided counsel, advice and pledged assistance on a variety of workplace issues that have been creating problems.   The Lodge has taken the advice and recommendations and is in a wait and see position before asking for further assistance.


PARK COUNTY – Actions to date have resolved FLSA violations and caused management to institute a proper and correct on-call policy.  Awaiting lodge decision in regards to possible court action to recover back-pay. 



COMMERCE CITY – Prepared an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) on contract interpretation agreed to between the Chief and Lodge for incorporation into the current agreement.  Working with Lodge on recent internal issues.


LONGMONT – Assisted with various contract improvements in regards to comp time and overtime language in the current contract.  Will be preparing an MOU addressing same.


LAKE COUNTY – FLSA on-call issue moved to Federal Court filing of lawsuit. Litigation being handled by Elkus & Sisson.


LAS ANIMAS COUNTY – Successfully assisted Sheriff in overturning budget restriction from the Las Animas BOC.  Compromise resolution resulted in the county being able to staff both the jail and patrol without interruption of service delivery.  Working on possible FLSA violations regarding the computation of comp time/overtime and on-call practices with potential back-pay issues.


LOVELAND – Provide advice and counsel on several recent internal matters.


AFSCME – Working with members of the Thornton City Council through AFSCME in regards to Thornton’s bargaining resolution.  That resolution has been weakened by actions of the City Manager and City Attorney.  Currently examining moving the matter as a charter amendment in this November’s election.  Recently met with the Brighton City Manager, Chief of Police, and Human Resources Director concerning our organizing efforts to bring collective bargaining to all Brighton city employees.  Working with Lodge leadership on this matter, and we will be addressing the Brighton Coty Council in late March or early April with an ordinance proposal. 


The above actions are some of the larger issues since last meeting.  In additional we field questions and minor problems weekly from member lodges on a variety of labor related workplace matters.

Colorado State Lodge F.O.P.
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