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April 19, 2015



We are pleased to partner with to launch this exciting new program that gives our members the ease to make contributions to YOUR organization. 

The contributions that you make will support our goal of serving you easier.  Support your FOP by setting up a monthly donation to the National FOP, State FOP, & FOP PAC.  Here's how:

We ask that each member establish a giving plan of $5, $5, $5 monthly contribution to your State FOP Foundation, the National FOP Foundation, and the FOP PAC.  To participate (or for more info) click on $5, $5, $5 FOP Picture below:

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The Colorado State Legal Defense Fund is partnered with the National Fraternal Order of Police Legal Defense Fund. Colorado LDF provides coverage for all duty related administrative incident.  The National LDF covers all duty related incidents involving civil or criminal actions against the officer.  The National LDF Plan has approved our Colorado Attorneys so members have direct access to high quality law enforcement legal representation.

The legal defense of law enforcement officers is a specialized area, and one that takes knowledge of our profession and the difficult legal issues officers at time find themselves in.   Our LDF Attorneys are screened and approved based on their experience, knowledge and reputation in defending law enforcement officers.  We don’t settle for any attorney.  Our top law firms have years of experience defending officers in all of the complex areas this profession brings.  They are thoroughly familiar with internal affairs investigations, use of force issues, and statutory issues involved when dealing with officer involved incidents.

Unlike some plans out there, the FOP Legal Defense Plan has NO hidden CAPS on the amount of coverage available for "Duty Related" incidents. This gives officers in the plan the peace of mind that they will be represented and protected without personal worry of financial obligation.  We do not cap our attorneys, nor do we cap our coverage.

It is our experience that cheaper Legal Defense Plans that claim no caps on their coverage do cap the amount of reimbursement paid to their plan attorneys.  The attorney is only paid to the cap amount.  After that they can try and get a waiver for additional work, or begin charging the officer for continued coverage.   Plans that operate that way almost always result in poor or limited representation for cases that involve extensive professional representation.  Plans that subscribe to that practice do so to keep costs down thus reducing the rate an officer pays.  Something they will never admit to and their something their bylaws do not reflect. However, like everything else in this world you get what you pay for.  With FOP legal Defense you get the best legal defense plan bar none.

If you find yourself in a situation where you need to file a claim, please review (click to link) "How to file a claim". In that section you will find instructions on filing a claim and obtaining competent legal representation from one of our plan attorneys.

Legal Defense Fund Services:
• Critical Incident
• Pre-Disciplinary Hearings
• Internal Affairs Investigations
• Criminal Proceedings Arising from a covered incident
• Administrative Actions

Plan Attorneys:

Our team of attorneys offers our membership a choice of attorney depending on the flavor of the case and the expertise of the attorney. Our attorney's have been hand selected due to their expertise in dealing with the complex issues of law surrounding the defense of peace officers in Colorado. They specialize in both Labor/Management issues and the expert representation of members involved in Administrative actions, Criminal actions, and Civil Litigation. Below is the contact information of FOP LDF plan approved attorney's.


If you need further information on the plan, claim status, or how to process your claim; contact Colorado LDF Plan Administrator JD Cordova at 970-691-0858.

Full Service & Critical Incident Attorneys - For *Critical Incidents*contact any one of the attorney's at the asterisked numbers listed below!!

Elkus Sisson  & Rosenstein P.C.
501 S0. Cherry St. Suite #920, Denver, CO 80246
Office Number - 303-567-7981
Don Sisson (pager) 720-936-5312* (24 hr Critical Incident Response)
Reid Elkus Cell 720-244-3669* (Critical Incident Response)

Bruno, Colin, & Lowe
1560 Broadway Street #1099
Denver, Colorado 80202
24 hr Number: 303-831-1099* (24 hr Critical Incident Response)

Foster, Graham, Milstien, & Calisher LLC
360 S Garfield St; Suite 6
Denver, CO 80209
Office: 303-333-9810
24 hr number: 303-669-4762* (24 hr Critical Incident Response)

Doug Jewell & Stephen Hall
621 17th Street Suite 915
Denver, CO 80293
Office: 720-484-5760
Cell:  303-482-7665* (24 hr Critical Incident Response)

Datz & Fee, LLC
340 E. 1st Ave, Suite 205 Broomfield, CO 80020
Office: 720-879-1114 - FAX: 720-222-5122
Datz cell: 720-883-7658* (24 hr Critical Incident Response)
Fee cell: 303-260-9038* (24 hr Critical Incident Response)

Hall & Evans - Keith Goman
Office: 303-628-3423
Cell: 720-839-1159* (24 hr Critical Incident Response)
1001 17th Street, Suite 300
Denver, CO 80202

Brian Reynolds Attorney at Law
955 Bannock St.
Denver, CO 80204
(Cell Number) 720-442-8100* (24 hr Critical Incident Response)

The Olson Law Firm – Sean Olson
2373 Central Park Blvd., Suite 100
Denver, CO 80238
Office: 303-586-7297 Fax: 303-586-7298

The Law Office of Daniel Schaefer - Daniel Schaefer, Esq
14650 Benton Street
Broomfield, CO 80020
24hr Number: 720-206-7894*

Non-Critical Incident Attorneys Contact Info:

Nora Kelly: 303-866-9868
Jonathan Abramson (Kissinger & Fellman): 303-320-6100
Nathan Chambers & Thomas Mulvahill: 303-825-2222
Gerald Lackey (W. Slope): 303-963-8708

Why FOP Legal Defense?
Aug 28, 2014
It is an understandable fact that some members' loyalty to their organization only extends as far as their wallet. It is a fact that the FOP's solid loyalty to its members extends to the high level of quality services provided. It is also a fact that the main reason some officers belong to the FOP is solely for its excellent legal defense coverage.
How to file a claim with the LDF
Nov 07, 2014
Terms and Conditions of the LDF
Jul 09, 2010
Effective January 1st, 2010 the Colorado FOP Legal Defense Fund began obtaining Legal Services from the Grand Lodge FOP Legal Defense Plan for criminal and civil coverage. Administrative coverage, limited coverage for off-duty incidents and pay in lieu are still covered by the Colorado State LDF
Plan Attorneys
Dec 29, 2014
Plan Attorneys Our team of attorneys offer our membership a choice of attorney depending on the flavor of the case and the expertise of the attorney. Our attorney's have been hand selected due to their expertise in dealing with the complex issues of law surrounding the defense of peace officers in Colorado.
Plan Administrators Info
Feb 05, 2015
The Colorado FOP Legal Defense Fund begin purchasing LDF services from the Grand Lodge FOP Legal Defense Plan effective January 1st, 2010.
Garrity Rule - Part 1
Oct 27, 2011
Garrity Rule - Part 2
Oct 27, 2011
Garrity Rule - Part 3
Oct 27, 2011

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