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April 16, 2014

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Updated: Apr. 16 (08:03)

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Updated On: Dec 04, 2010
At the last State Board Meeting the State Trustees were briefed on our recent meetings in Las Animas County which came at the request of the local FOP membership and the Sheriff in reference to severe cuts to the Las Animas County Sheriff's budget.  During that trip we also met with one current commissioner and one commissioner elect and expressed the concerns of the FOP in regards to the commissioners' proposed cuts. 
Last Monday the commissioners announced their cuts to the Sheriff’s budget.  These cuts if implemented will have a serious impact on both officer and public safety, and the ability to deliver adequate emergency services to the citizens of that county.  As a result we have joined this battle with the Sheriff to pressure the commissioners to re-consider their decision. 
All counties in Colorado are faced with decreased revenues to some degree. Las Animas County is the only county we have seen proposing budget cuts to the extent that it adversely impacts the safety and welfare of its citizens. The bottom line is cuts will have to be made elsewhere. The budget submitted by the Sheriff is the “bottom line”. We ask the County Commissioners to give serious consideration to their proposed actions on this budget in regards to the adverse impact that those decisions will have on the county and its citizens. We know the public deserves, expects, demands and pays taxes for adequate responsive public safety services. To give them anything less is unconscionable. Public safety in Las Animas County cannot be compromised any further. 
Attached you find a letter from the State FOP to the commissioners and the citizens of Las Animas County.  There was press release this week and this letter was attached.

11-29-2010 Las Animas letter.pdf

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