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April 18, 2014

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Updated On: Sep 11, 2007

Since its inception, the Fraternal Order of Police has continued its commitment to Law Enforcement and their families.

The FOP has been and will continue to be committed to the representation and preservation of Due Process Rights for all law enforcement officers as well as the betterment of their pay and benefit packages and terms and conditions of employment.

"The tide has definitely shifted with the FOP.  Where once, we were known for being mostly fraternal, especially in the west and southern portions of the United States we have now moved into the labor arena with full force". National 2nd Vice President Frank Gale stated in a recent interview.

The Colorado Fraternal Order of Police has followed suit and in some cases taken the lead.  Colorado now has numerous Collective Bargaining Units represented by the FOP and is currently involved in a legislative effort to increase, the awareness and benefits of collective bargaining for public safety employees, specifically for law enforcement.

The ultimate goal of the Colorado State Lodge is to represent all law enforcement bargaining units for pay, benefits and terms and conditions of employment. They have made significant progress with that regard in the past several years.

"The Colorado State Fraternal Order of Police has employed a professional lobbying firm of which has been given specific direction in the pursuance of law enforcement's right to collectively bargain". Stated C.W. DeNovellis, Treasurer for the Colorado State Lodge. Further, "With a state wide piece of legislation for collective bargaining  we can ensure that all law enforcement personnel have a seat at the table with their management and/or city or county commissioners".

The Colorado State Lodge of the Fraternal Order of Police represents over 5000 law enforcement officers and the largest law enforcement Union in the state.



Colorado State Lodge F.O.P.
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