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April 22, 2018

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An Open Letter from a Brother in Blue
Updated On: Feb 13, 2013

We are not publishing this brother’s name or agency because it is not relevant; rather the points made are his open message to the world and what he has to say is what’s important.

An Open Letter from a Brother

The following letter is an open letter sent to us from a brother. It expresses the feelings of many in our profession:

“Last night, I spent a wonderful evening with my two daughters. Our church had its annual Father Daughter Dinner, where dads got to sit down and have a nice meal with their daughters, young and old. After the meal, we danced with our daughters. When it comes to dancing, I look more like a special needs chicken with its head cut off, but I don't care. From what I saw on the dance floor, a lot of the dads didn't seem to care about dancing finesse. What I saw was a lot of dads with giant smiles on their faces as they danced with their daughters...some just little girls, and some grown women. Everyone was smiling and laughing...the dads were so happy to be enjoying the special time with their daughters, and the daughters enjoying the company of daddy’s who love them so much.

Today I read a story in the news about a former cop with the LAPD. This man had a chip on his shoulder because he perceived he was mistreated, partly because of the color of his skin. After reading the story, I read the comments, and the majority of the comments were in support of this man. People commented that they believed the LAPD had something to hide, so they theorized the LAPD assassinated this man. People commented that this man was a hero to them, for taking a stand against the police.

I cannot articulate how troubling this is to me. People seem to have forgotten that this man is a murderer. This man killed Riverside Police Officer Michael Crain. This man also killed a police officer's daughter and her fiancée as an act of revenge. Today, this man killed a park ranger whose name has not yet been released. This man also shot and wounded other police officers. Riverside Police Officer Michael Crain was a veteran who served with the United States Marine Corps, and he left behind a wife, a son, and a daughter.

I am sick and tired of hearing about affirmative action and perceived racial bias. The police officers I know and work with are very familiar with hate, but this familiarity has nothing to do with the color of their skin, but with the badge they wear. A Sheriff's deputy who is a friend of mine talked about how he worked in Sarasota in the 80s when so much cocaine was coming into the U.S. from Columbia. He talked about how the Columbian cartels took out a hit on him and other officers. He talked about how this prompted him to move to Colorado to get away from the sinister presence of the cartels that persists to this day. I work with an officer who used to work in a gang unit in Texas, and he talked about how the gang members spray painted specific death threats against him on the walls in their neighborhoods. This officer's buddy was just shot three times in the line of duty, nearly killing him and costing him one of his eyes (here's the story: ).

Just yesterday a buddy of mine who is a cop in Oklahoma directed me to a website out of a jurisdiction where I had previously worked.  A “citizen” has posted terrible threats and vile images about cops and members of the that Sheriff's Office. I was a cop for nine years there, and I served with many of the men and women still working for that Sheriff's Office. The name of this web-site was, "I Hate County Pigs." And just FYI, the officer who alerted me to this is a husband and father of two...he is also undergoing testing to see if he contracted Hepatitis from a suspect who fought with him recently, and this suspect had AIDS as well as Hepatitis. Pray, as I have been praying, that this officer's test results will come back negative.

I'm tired of hearing about ethnic groups complaining about "hate" and "racial bias." I'm tired of this being used as an excuse to commit crimes and to justify social dysfunction. I and my police officer friends are well acquainted with hate....we have been exposed to violent hate and animosity for years because of the badge we wear. The hunting and assassination of police officers in California is a hate crime. The referred to web-page that recently appeared in a nearby County is a hate crime. The citizens of this Country should be thanking God for law enforcement the past few months, cops have responded to some horrific shootings, where armed madmen have opened fire on innocent and unarmed citizens. While everyone else ran away from the horror and death, the cops ran toward it.

I'm not real happy that this summer I had to take the life of a kid who made me kill him in a suicide by cop. This came at the end of a pursuit that reached speeds upwards of 120 mph and endangered my life and the lives of my fellow officers and the citizens of three different counties. This kid tried to kill me by swerving at me with his car, and he pointed a gun at me, forcing me to take his life. In this pursuit, I and my fellow officers were driving as fast as we could to the last place on earth we wanted to be. America's law enforcement does this every day, and sometimes, when the day is done, we don't all get to go home...Riverside Police Officer Michael Crain is an example of this.

Last night, I, a hated police officer, spent the evening being a daddy to my little girls...laughing and dancing with them and making them feel like cherished princesses, because in my eyes, that's what they are. A local State trooper was also at the Father Daughter Dinner with his little girl, enjoying her company and letting her know by his involvement that she is valued and loved. Every Sunday night another local State trooper volunteers at a local church where I drop of my kids for Awanas (a Christian activity group for kids). This man helps to mentor children in the local community, including mine. He and his wife volunteer time on their days off to engage in this noble ministry, giving to their church and community in love and servitude. This same State trooper was with me in the pursuit this summer, and he performed a TVI (tactical vehicle intervention) at nearly 100 mph. I watched in horror as his vehicle spun wildly off the suspect vehicle, kicking up clouds of smoke and dust. I thought this trooper, my good friend, was going to roll his car and endure critical injuries or death.

Men and women like this...these are the law enforcement officers I know...the law enforcement officers I have always known, like the men who charged with me into room 206 at Platte Canyon, into a hail of gunfire...only to be haunted for the rest of their lives by the loss of a 16 year-old hostage...a courageous young girl who has taken up residence in our hearts as a hero! I work with men and women who I know, with no doubt, would take a bullet for me and I for them. Jesus said, "Greater love hath no man than this that a man lay down his life for his friends."--John 15:13.

I'm not sure why I've typed this epistle...other than I am venting to the people I am sending it to...people I know to be of the highest quality; who love and support their local law enforcement. I'm not sure why cops are so hated in this Country, or why the justice system is so quick to fail its peace keepers and victims of crime. I believe the U.S needs its peace keepers now more than ever. I believe law enforcement officers, now more than ever, need to work hand-in-hand with their communities...that the peace keepers really are that "thin blue line" that stands between order and chaos, and only with the support of good, honest citizens can that line be held.

This Saturday, me and several of my friends, cops and community minded citizens, are going to a benefit in Leadville to support Lake County Deputy Grant Williams, husband and father of two, who has been diagnosed with a deadly form of cancer. If you feel so inclined, feel free to join us...come see what the brotherhood of police looks like. We're not the heartless thugs so many make us out to be. If you feel so inclined, please visit the Officer Down Memorial Page and leave a reflection for Riverside Police Officer Michael Crain. Here's the link:

While you're at the Officer Down Memorial Page, please take the time to look at the memorial pages for other fallen the stories of their death and the reflections left by friends and family...though many hated these men and women and called them "pigs," these men and women had families who loved them...make no mistake...these men and women are heroes. If you spend any time on the Officer Down Memorial Page, be sure to have a box of tissue close at hand. While on the Officer Down Memorial Page, take the time to look up the names of many Colorado peace keepers who have sacrificed their lives in the line of duty. Why not look up line of duty deaths in New York State on September 11, 2001, and be filled with awe and sorrow at the sheer number of men and women who died that day in the name of freedom (look at their faces and read their stories...and then try to comprehend that some still call cops "pigs). Lastly, if you feel so inclined, take the time to watch this short YouTube video about some dangerous trends facing local law enforcement officers, from big cities to rural areas:

"Unhappy the land that is in need of heroes." --Bertolt Brecht. - As always, be safe and vigilant out there!”

Colorado State Lodge F.O.P.
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