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June 25, 2018

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Colorado FOP Supports the Lassy Project for Missing Children
Updated On: Apr 28, 2013

The Colorado FOP recently endorsed the Lassy Project and we are urging FOP members and the general public to get involved in this important effort.  It should be our goal to make our communities and neighborhoods as safe as possible for our children.

Every second counts when a child goes missing.  The Lassy Project aims at preventing child abductions by instantly alerting parents when their kids are in trouble and then gives them the ability to mobilize hundreds of neighbors in seconds to help.  By joining the Village, you can take advantage of those precious moments and save a child in distress. The idea that people in the exact area that a child strayed from would know and could start looking within minutes of the incident is amazing!

The Lassy Project aims to prevent child abductions by allowing parents to program the routes their child normally travels and then alerts them instantly when the child strays more than an acceptable distance from any programmed route.  The Lassy Project also connects parents to a community of people who have all said “If a child in my area is missing, I want to know about it immediately so that I can help find them.”  In doing so it brings in the ability to mobilize hundreds of neighbors in seconds to help.  All with the simple push of a button!  This is called the Lassy Village. All with the simple push of a button!

What's great about the Lassy Project is the Village.  If you could help find a missing child in your area, would you?  Now you can by joining the Lassy Village.  As part of the village, parents can press a button and have hundreds of people near by helping to look for their missing child.  We should all do what we can to keep kids safe.  Take a look at the videos for more information and join “The Lassy Project”.

The bigger the Village, the safer the child.  It’s easy and fast!   It takes 30 seconds to join or connect on Facebook

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