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July 20, 2019

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Poice Officer, Mom and FOP Member in Need of Help
Posted On: Jul 11, 2018

Police Officer, FOP Member, Wife and Mom in need of YOUR HELP!!!

In 2011 at the age of 43 Marci went in for her first mammogram. It was discovered she had a fairly large mass, later a biopsy revealed it was DCIS breast cancer. The prognosis was it is 100% curable. Marci moved forward with a double mastectomy with the belief this would take care of the cancer and she would live a full life raising her children. Post-surgery pathology reviled the tumor was larger than had been projected, a clear margin was positive, and furthermore cancer cells where discovered in a lymph node. More bad news, it is HER2 positive.

Over time she recovered, continued with her law enforcement career, caring for her family, and tried to get her life back on track. Then a few months ago the cancer returned with a vengeance and she was unable to work. Her oncologist gave her a disabled status so she could use her city provided disability insurance (she ran out of paid time off some time ago) until she could improve enough to return to work. Nope…..after 16 years in law enforcement the city of Federal Heights fired her the moment she filed her disability claim. No more career, no more paycheck, no more benefits, and no more city health insurance coverage at the employee rate.

On June 22, 2018 Marci's latest scan divulged why breathing is becoming more difficult and pain is increasing. The cancer is increasing in the lungs slowly causing asphyxiation, chemo options have been extinguished, surgery and radiation are not options (it is wide spread inside the vessels AKA lymphangioma). With treatment she is expected to get 10-11 more months without who knows, although the family has not given up and continue praying and hoping for a miracle. She is currently at home in hospice care.

“So the point of all this, quality of life. Marci and family wants her to remain comfortably at home, we all want to stay in our home and take good care of Marci. We want to make the time we have together focused on each other, not looking for living arrangements, trying to figure out how to pay bills, and take care of our beloved wife and mother.”

“Marci, Zach, Luke, Lindsey, and I have experienced things in the last six years we would not wish on anyone. We want the next chapter of this story as painless as possible. Please help us do so. Unfortunately, nothing can change the devastation cancer has done, but at least with funding we need not face financial devastation.” - John Russin


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