Phone Solicitation Answers

If you are visiting this page you probably have received a solicitation for donation and have concerns or questions. The Colorado State Lodge of the Fraternal Order of Police is committed to the support of the families of law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty, and officers and families of officers who through illness or injury find themselves in distress and in need of financial assistance. To that end the Colorado Police Officer Foundation was established. The Foundation is a charitable corporation that operates under the 501 (c) (3) provisions of the federal tax code. This official designation granted by the Internal Revenue Service conveys tax-exempt status to the foundation and specifically allows contributions to be tax deductible.

Solicitations for donations are strictly to the Colorado Police Foundation and not to the Colorado FOP State Lodge. The State FOP Lodge is not funded by donation or solicitation. Member dues and non-charitable sales fund the day to day operations of the FOP. Not donations from citizens, busineses or organizations! Monies raised through donations or fundraising provides funding
for the Colorado Police Officers' Foundation. Without the valued support of the citizens of Colorado contributing to the foundation, we would not be able to provide charitable assistance for officers or their families who need assistance or to the many worthy charities and programs that we assist and support.

Please help the Colorado State Lodge continue to aid those in need through your generous and much appreciated donation to the Police Foundation. On behalf of the Colorado Law Enforcement Community, their families and loved ones, we can't express enough how much we truly appreciate your generosity and support for the foundation.

We are well aware that there are phone scams occassionally perpetrated on vunerable individuals by a criminal element in society who prey on people's generosity fraudulently portraying themselves as a police organization seeking donations. If you suspect you have received a fraudulent call from a solicitor claiming to be the Fraternal Order of Police, please contact us with that information.
The Colorado Police Foundation has contracted with "Corporations for Character", a professional fundraising service that has met our strict standards for solicitation. If you have concerns, problems, complaints, or questions in regards to receiving a phone solicitation contact our fundraiser directly through the information listed above, or leave a message at the State Lodge’s main phone number 303-426-1733.
Corporations for Character
5286 S Commerce Drive #A116 Murray, UT 84017
Attn: Jamie Neilson - 801-284-7380