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Officers Foundation

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The Colorado FOP Police Officers' Foundation is a charitable corporation that operates under the 501 (c) (3) provisions of the federal tax code. This official designation granted by the Internal Revenue Service conveys tax-exempt status to the foundation and specifically allows contributions to be tax deductible.

The general purpose of the foundation is to generate funds to promote a greater understanding and awareness by the public on issues affecting the law enforcement profession. The primary focus of the Police Officers’ Foundation is to foster community-wide support for law enforcement by providing supplemental resources for traumatically injured officers and their families, giving needed financial assistance to survivors of law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty, and building meaningful and positive officer-community partnerships.

More officers die each year...

by their own hand than are killed by felons. For too many year's PTSD and work-related mental health issues in our profession has been law enforcement's dark secret. But our organization has been working hard to bring awareness to this issue.

The Fraternal Order of Police nationally and here in Colorado is working hard in this area on many fronts. Particularly in the area of PTSD and police suicide. It is our top priority and primary focus. Cops taking care of cops. We have trained law enforcement officers with years of experience in peer support and officer wellness. We have professional psychologist and therapist referrals who deal primarily with law enforcement crisis and stress related mental health issues. This includes individual and family counseling. Completely confidential.

Through the Colorado FOP Foundation...

we offer confidential professional referral for officers in many areas regarding mental health. Due to increasing demand for assisting officers suffering from job related PTSD and our efforts to reducing police suicide, we are expanding our already successful treatment and therapy referral program to include a proven cutting edge treatment/therapy program through PTSD Equine Response. All of our referrals in this area provide the officer with a necessary confidential path to treatment.
All services and assistance offered by the Foundation is funded completely by individual and corporate donations. Without this genorosity we would be unable to provide these programs. The Colorado FOP Police Officers’ Foundation provides an opportunity for individuals, organizations, and the business community, through tax-deductible donations, to show their thanks and support of the brave men and women of law enforcement who proudly serve their communities across Colorado daily. The disbursement of these funds is strictly regulated and must be used for the foundation’s stated charitable purposes. Your tax-deductible donation is vital to our efforts. We encourage you to contribute any amount you consider appropriate.
Police and family at memorial service

Programs Funded By The Foundation:

Assistance for local lodges when a member is killed or badly hurt in the line of duty.
Assistance for families when their loved one is killed or badly hurt in the line of duty.
Law Enforcement Widows & Orphans Fund
Assist Injured, Disabled, Sick, or Distressed Law Enforcement Members.
Law Enforcement Training and Awareness
PTSD & Stress Related Illness Education
Confidential Treatment Referrals
Police Suicide Prevention
Child Identification Program
Youth Programs & Education