This years’ recipient of the Jack Dudek Member of the Year Award is a member who, while facing many challenges in his home state, has reached out and given support to other states.

He is known for his leadership abilities, and is a bold energetic, spirited leader that embodies the esprit de corps that is necessary in today’s society.  He has the determination and tenacity, the never-say-die fighting spirit that he brings to the game.

In the fall of 2018, Utah National Trustee, Jim Crowley was terminally ill and nearing the end.  Our recipient flew to Salt Lake City, at his own expense, to spend time with Jim and the Utah State Board lending support and compassion.

He is well known for his labor knowledge and his battles for collective bargaining rights that has placed him in harms way with administrations.  He can be seen at State and National Conferences, as well as at coalition meetings, interacting with our brothers and sisters from across the country.

The 2022 Jack Dudek Member of the Year, originally from Brooklyn, New York, fuhgeddaboudit!!, is the Colorado State President, Stephen Schulz.