Boulder King Soopers Shooting and Eric Talley


Brothers and Sisters,

Yesterday in Boulder, Law Enforcement was once again devastated with the loss of one of our Brothers, Officer Eric Talley.  Ofc. Talley along with several of our Brothers and Sisters fearlessly and heroically responded to the King Soopers to eliminate a deadly threat to the citizens of Boulder.  They did this knowing the threat to their own safety, and Ofc. Talley’s and the other officers and deputy’s actions undoubtedly saved lives by focusing the coward’s attention on them and not the civilians still in the store.  These heroic actions engaging the suspect provided more time for the civilians to escape to safety.

I want to also recognize all of the outside agencies from Boulder County to the Denver Metro area who responded to provide the needed support to the local agencies and our Brothers and Sisters.  I know you all were ready and willing to put yourself in harm’s way to eliminate the threat and protect one another.

In a time in society where we are so often demonized by the media and certain politicians, you displayed heroism and professionalism no matter the cost.  Only one thing mattered to you, neutralize the threat and protect those citizens and communities you raised your hands to serve and protect.  You are all heroes, and the State Fraternal Order of Police Executive Board recognizes you all.

Many of you on the scene witnessed first-hand the tragic loss of life.  These experiences can oftentimes be difficult to process and takes time to do so.  The State FOP has worked tirelessly to change in a positive manner the culture around mental health.  The State FOP encourages you to speak with someone to maintain your mental well-being.  Several agencies have on-site mental health services through staff phycologists and peer support teams.  The State FOP provides mental health services to all First Responders through Badge to Badge and our Foundation is ready and willing to provide other assistance as needed.  I have been contacted by the directors of Shatterproof at Florida House Experience offering their condolences for our loss and they have committed to be there for you.  State FOP Lodges from around the country have also reached out to share their condolences along with offers of assistance if needed.  You are not alone my Brothers and Sisters and the State FOP is there for you.

To our Brothers and Sisters at the Boulder Police Department, our deepest and sincerest condolences to you all.  Hero Officer Eric Talley will not be forgotten, and his name will be forever spoken.  We have set up a special donation link for the family of Officer Talley, which can be accessed here.  Please share with family and friends.  A link will also be set up on the State FOP website.

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Please stay safe and watch your 6 along with your partners.  Keep your families safe and
God bless you all and the FOP.  


Stephen Schulz
Fraternal Order of Police  Colorado State President Longmont Lodge 6 President

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